God is "Pouring Out" Supernatural & Angelic Encounters!

Posted on April 27, 2020

by Ben and Jodie Hughes

God is "Pouring Out" Supernatural & Angelic Encounters!

It was an honor to interview and get to know this highly anointed couple, Ben and Jodie Hughes. Wow, do they have incredible testimonies of God moving in their own lives, and then God anointing them to "Pour It Out" into others as well.

They recently moved to Texas from Australia and have hit the ground running in their ministry here. While I was interviewing them, I was highly impressed with their charisma, and I thought, "They would be excellent hosts!" I recently found out that they have started their own ministry show too. Watch this fascinating episode with the Hughes and be forever impacted in God pouring Himself out through your own life in a mighty way!


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