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Secrets of the Glory & 3 CD Set "Take Your Place in the Kingdom and Carry the Fire of God's Love" -- by David Herzog; Code 1025

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The Discerner & 3 CD Set Develop Your Senses! Learning to Discern the World Around You! -- by James Goll; Code 1024

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God in Every Season & 2-Pack DVD Set, 'How to Experience God in Every Season!' -- by Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow; Code 1023

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God Speaks through Signs and Wonders!
Posted on Apr 1, 2019
The Cyrus Anointing, President Trump and America
Posted on Mar 26, 2019
Metal Disappearing from Bodies
Posted on Mar 18, 2019
The Power of Decreed Prayer
Posted on Mar 11, 2019
Take Your Place in the Kingdom!
Posted on Mar 4, 2019
Demontae Edmonds: "The Gift of Discerning of Spirits & 7 Dimensions of Revelation"
Posted on Feb 25, 2019

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Can I ask a favor?

Some of you are new to us while others of you have followed us for the full 22 years of the ministry. Now, finally, FINALLY the Lord has presented us with this much needed building.

The offices we are in are no longer large enough and our lease runs out this coming December. So we are truly working to beat the clock and to have our building in place by the time December rolls in.

If ever we needed your help, if ever there was a day for you – THIS IS THAT DAY!

Would you do Derene and me a personal favor and stop what you are doing and write your best check?

2019 Elijah List Conference

January 10-12, 2019

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW of ALL 8 sessions from the Elijah List Conference that was held in January 10th through 12th, 2019 in Albany, Oregon, "What is Heaven Planning for 2019?"

These 8 sessions featured Dutch Sheets, Katie Souza, Lance Wallnau and Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow. Find out about THE LORD'S HEART AND HIS PLANS for the year 2019 (and of course for the years to come). The KINGDOM IS EXPANDING RAPIDLY. WE NEED "ALL HANDS ON DECK!"