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God, I Feel Like Cinderella! & 3-Pack CD Set: Rise Up from the Ashes & Receive Your Crown -- by Dale & LuAnne Mast; Code 1042

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Secrets of the Glory & 3 CD Set "Take Your Place in the Kingdom and Carry the Fire of God's Love" -- by David Herzog; Code 1025

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Bright and Shining Revival & 3-Pack CD Set: Moving Forward into a Bright & Shining Revival -- by Kathie Walters; Code 1041

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Chantell Cooley: "What is Your Destiny in Marketplace Ministry?"
Posted on Oct 22, 2019
Adam Thompson: "Supernatural Encounters and Being Caught Up in Heaven"
Posted on Oct 15, 2019
James Goll: "Experience Suddenlies & the Power of God's Word"
Posted on Oct 7, 2019
Larry Sparks: "Break Prophetic Delay Over Your Life"
Posted on Sep 27, 2019
Garris Elkins: "How Do We Prepare for Reformation?"
Posted on Sep 23, 2019
Steve Shultz: "You CAN and SHOULD Contend with God. Here's Proof..."
Posted on Sep 16, 2019

2019 Elijah List Conference

January 10-12, 2019

ORDER YOUR COPY NOW of ALL 8 sessions from the Elijah List Conference that was held in January 10th through 12th, 2019 in Albany, Oregon, "What is Heaven Planning for 2019?"

These 8 sessions featured Dutch Sheets, Katie Souza, Lance Wallnau and Johnny & Elizabeth Enlow. Find out about THE LORD'S HEART AND HIS PLANS for the year 2019 (and of course for the years to come). The KINGDOM IS EXPANDING RAPIDLY. WE NEED "ALL HANDS ON DECK!"